Time Difference Calculator

Time Difference Calculator is a process used to determine the time difference between clocks in two different time zones. Regions located in different geographical locations have different time zones, resulting in time differences between these regions.

For example, there is a time difference between Turkey and the east coast of the United States of America (USA). This time difference is caused by time zone differences due to their geographical location. A time difference calculator is used in such cases to determine the time difference between two different regions at a given time.

How to use the Time Difference Calculator?

Users can select two different countries via the first and second drop-down menus. These countries, each with its own time zone, are the basic references for calculating the time difference.

After making their selection, the user clicks on the “Calculate Time Difference” button. This button starts the process of calculating the time difference between the selected countries.

After the calculation is done, a section appears at the bottom of the page. This section shows the current time in both selected countries. Also, the time difference between these two countries is indicated. For example, “Time difference between Turkey and the USA: X hours, Y minutes.”

If users want to perform another calculation or clear their selections, they can delete the previous selections using the “Clear” button. This allows country selection again for a new calculation.

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