Bra Size Calculator

Every woman has different sizes and measurements, so finding the right bra size can sometimes be difficult. However, the Bra Size Calculator is an online tool designed to make this process simpler and help users find the right size.

How Does the Tool Work?

The Bra Size Calculator is very simple to use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

Under Breast Size Input: As a first step, the user is asked to enter the under-bust measurement (in cm). It is sufficient to type this value in the measurement field.

Above Breast Measurement Entry: Next, the user is asked to enter the upper chest measurement (in cm). This measurement is also entered in the measurement field.

Calculation Process: After clicking on the "Calculate Bra Size" button, the tool calculates the correct bra size based on the entered measurements.

Result Display: Once the calculation is complete, the user is shown the correct bra size. For example, a result such as "Bra Size: 75B", for example.

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