Lean Body Mass Calculator

The Lean Body Mass Calculator tool shows you the ideal weight of your Body Weight without fat according to your gender and height.

What should lean body mass be?

Lean body weight is the total weight of the body minus fat mass. Lean body weight includes the weight of all non-fat tissues such as muscle, bone, organs and body fluids.

The ideal value of lean body weight varies according to gender, age, physical activity level and genetic factors. In general, lean body weight for healthy adults should be in the following ranges:

  • Male: 80-90
  • Women: 70-80

Having a lean body mass lower than these ranges can lead to health problems such as muscle loss, weakness, osteoporosis and hormonal imbalances. Having a higher lean body weight can lead to health problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

To increase lean body weight, you need to gain muscle mass. To gain muscle mass, you need to regularly perform weight lifting exercises and eat a protein-rich diet.

How to Calculate Lean Body Mass?

Some formulas used to calculate lean body weight differ according to gender. These formulas are based on the average fat percentages for men and women.

Formula for Calculating Lean Body Mass in Men:

FORMULA : Weight[kg] = (0.73 * Height[cm]) – 59.42

Female Lean Body Weight Calculation Formula:

FORMULA : Weight[kg] = (0.65 * Height[cm]) – 50.74

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